this is for you
a collection of heartbeats
for the hopeful and the heartbroken
the one who wants to have it all together
but chronically falls apart
the one who holds this book
must be quite similar to my pen
even though its ink was coated with thick doubt
for far too long.

“i see you. i am you.”
explores breaking up with comfort zones
and deep throating vulnerability.
reference these pages when you need
loving reminders;
comfort when you feel the loss of love & heartache.
seek these moments when you feel
you can’t breathe,
you’re tired of society’s seven-second attention span,
and social media & the comparison game has you shook.

we won’t shy away from mental health,
life’s suffering, and the not-so-secret pain.
we are curious to mindfulness and our breath.
we are no strangers to growth.

invite yourself to put your phone on airplane mode
and venture into the comforting unknown.
soak up these revelations,
the worldly observations
that nurture our ability to relate to each other
and perhaps even realize that
through the healing power of these life-affirming moments
we are more alike than we may first even see. 

i see you. i am you.

i see you. i am you.

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