crane pin

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there is a long standing heroic japanese tale and tradition known as orizuru, believing that the crane symbolizes peace and its wings can carry souls to paradise. it also holds the belief that through folding 1000 paper cranes [senbazuru] all your wishes and dreams may come true.

I first taught myself how to fold 12 years ago in victoria, while interviewing a band called “the paper cranes.” what amazing journalisming, or so I thought: teach the band how to fold their namesake [turns out they didn’t know, win!].

since then, I have worked my way to folding 1000 paper cranes several times over, leaving little notes of love wherever I go, on restaurant receipts, scraps of paper, even folding them before bed as a meditation ritual of prayers and healing wishes for others.

the idea of every crinkle, crease, and fold getting better than the next is very much a beautiful symbol of what is it to be human in this existence.