casey-jo loos is also affectionately referred to as "CJ" or "Ceej" -- because who doesn't love a good nickname of a nickname?

an energetic and charming woman, living and loving vancouver, with a passion for connection. professionally boasts talent in promotions and event production, marketing, public relations, media & television, and yoga teaching.

currently a radio host at 102.7 the peak in vancouver. a seriously massive music lover and dance party starter.

former canucks tv host, ctv news community reporter and host, and much music VJ finalist.

a creative wordsmith aligned with a fresh, positive attitude towards life that promotes synergy, induces positivity, and motivates others. naturally drawn to anything that is modern and original, with a sense of humour and ability to connect as personal best qualities. always up for adventure, taking the next leap into the unknown. inherently friendly and curious, striving to be inspired daily and hoping to inspire others in the process.

♥ love, ceej